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Which EMS Suit is right for me

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May 20, 2024

Anna & Nicole

This might be long but we’ want you to have ALL the info before you make a purchase.

It took us about 2 years and $50K to figure out what equipment worked best for our business and clients and we really want to save you from the struggle. Since EMS wasn’t FDA approved in the US until about 10 years ago, the EMS manufacturing happens mostly in Europe (and China but those aren’t FDA approved to be safe for use 😣) More recently, one company recently started to make and sell suits in the US. With all that being said, don’t be shocked if the marketing is a little bit less curated than you’re used to and know that we’re here to help explain what’s the best suit for goals and needs. Whether you are a professional opening an EMS training business or a person trying to workout more efficiently – we’ve got you covered!

A few things you should know before buying:

The Types of EMS Suits

There are two kinds of full body EMS suits:

  1. The original type where you have a base layer underneath (let’s call it an “Adjustable Suit”) that you get wet prior to using it and tighten around you (think of tightening a life jacket around your waist) , this helps conduct the EMS current into your muscles.
  2. The newer kind (let’s call it a “Slim Suit”) goes directly on your skin and uses your perspiration to conduct the EMS currents and works great – is super convenient for personal use but not ideal  to share or use with professional clients.

The Components

The suits all come with a variety of components and the prices vary a lot. Every EMS setup includes at minimum 3 parts – a suit with electrodes that are placed on each of your major muscle groups with all the wires inside, a device battery, and an app used on iPad/iPhone. The batteries for some companies can be used with both a “Slim” and “Adjustable” suit type, but the suit brands can’t be mixed and matched with other companies’ apps and batteries.

The Maintenance

The suits are all machine washable but also delicate so you want to be careful not to wash them too much and take care of it (See: Tips to wash your EMS suit and keep things clean)  We’ll be honest, the technology still feels new and it’s not going to be 100% user friendly and without troubleshooting. You can book a troubleshooting appointment with one of the The Studio EMS trainers to help you ASAP, and all of the suit companies we have partnered with offer reliable customer support. Every company we work with has a warranty, but the suits can be damaged from normal wear and tear that might not be covered after the initial period. You should expect to replace cords etc. if you’re using your suits a lot, it’s just part of EMS!

EMS Settings & Programs

The suits all have their own settings and programs that use different wavelengths and intensities. In the most simple terms there is a cardio mode, a strength mode and a recovery mode on most suits. The cardio mode is going to make your workouts more intense and help with fat loss, the strength mode is going to deliver the most bang for your buck in terms of time in the suit and help you build muscle and tone, and the recovery mode is going to help make you less sore after the workout.  Many suits also have the added benefit of a cellulite reduction mode. It gets super scientific fast so if you want to learn more about the programs email us or check out the companies’ websites for specifics.

Brands we’re proud to work with:  (not in order 😘)

Wiemspro – The Studio EMS Suit

The most affordable and reliable EMS suit for Professionals, and the one that we use with our clients. 

This is the company our trainers have been using for the past three years and we are really happy with our experience. Their professional suits are the best fitting and stand up well to a lot of use between clients. They also have a slim suit that can be purchased by clients for easier setup, but still requires the trainer to bring the pro battery. Their suits are machine washable and easy to use plus their app was designed specifically for professional EMS training. You can workout with up to 4 clients at a time on a single ipad, and you have complete control of the different settings.

Why we like it: 

  • Quality: It looks pretty good for an EMS suit, it works well and is consistent. They have solid customer support and we trust them to do what they promise. We’ve built a great relationship over the years and have tried every suit but stick with them for a reason – it’s the best experience for the EMS trainer and client. 
  • Simplicity: Our trainer’s like using it – they figure out how to work the suits with not too much practice and Wiemspro has a training platform that helps make our trainers experts in what they do.
  • Best Fit: We mostly use their adjustable suits which come in a wide variety of sizes and are able to fit almost every sized client (which is easier said than done because we’re all so different!) They also have Slim suits that our clients can buy but these still require the use of their batteries so even with a slim suit, they still book a session with our trainers for the battery. 

Why it might not be the best fit: 

  • Cost: It’s expensive. There are other brands out there (Miha, X-body to name a few of the most trustworthy ones) that are even more expensive but packages start above $5K even if you’re renting the actual batteries. If you’re a professional you are going to need to buy sizes for every client. 
  • Set Up Time: It also takes a bit of time to get clients into the Adjustable suit so training more than 2 clients at once starts to get unruly. If you have your own studio and can rent or sell the Wiemspro Slim suit to your clients then it’s easier to do a small class of four with just one trainer. 
  • International: They’re based in Spain so it takes time to make an order, repair a battery or otherwise make any changes to your business. Good news, we have a partnership and are here to help with your order!

[Email us To Order your Wiemspro Suit]

Note: Visionbody also has professional suit options and batteries without time limits – contact us for more information on the professional options. This option may be best if you are looking to do group classes in a studio.

Visionbody – Anna’s At Home Suit 

The easiest personal suit to use at home 

Visionbody sells a Slim Suit and battery for just under $2k – we recommend you size down because you’ll want a tight fit around the abs.

Annas testimony “While yes this is a workout device, I also consider it a beauty treatment.  It has personally helped me with my cellulite. Not only does it immediately lift your glutes and tighten your core, but I notice when I’m using it regularly the backs of my legs are smoother. Full disclosure, I don’t have a ton of cellulite to start with, but it’s there, and I notice when it’s not there. After I do the preloaded weight loss program on the device, I turn on the cellulite massage for the backs of my legs and you can feel the machine shaking everything around. To be able to do this at home, get some work done, and not have to drive to a med spa, or get an overpriced lymphatic drainage massage, it’s the dream.”

Why you’ll like it: 

  • Fat Burning Mode:The fat burning setting combines the best of two worlds – cardio and strength so you get more fat burning and muscle building results in one session 
  • Slim Suit: The slim suits are easier to put on and you don’t have to spray the down, so we end up wearing them more
  • Price: It’s the cheapest device you can buy at home that is safe and FDA approved 

Why it might not be the best fit:

  • Branded: The big visionbody logo on the front can make it a little less sleek and way more branded than the others we recommend so it might turn heads in the gym (but we promise all the suits are gonna be turning heads at the gym) 
  • Shipping: The shipping times might be a little longer than other options and the content and preloaded workout guides are less usable than the Katalyst  
  • Time Restriction: The personal batteries have a time limit every week so you can’t really share it with friends or use it professionally. The limit is currently 4 hours per week. 
  • Skin Sensitivity: The slim suits can pinch a little more at the beginning of your workout since there’s no water. We recommend putting sweats on over the suit or doing a cardio warmup to get you sweaty faster! 

(anna put a custom logo on hers)

Katalyst – Nicole’s At Home Suit

The most advanced suit for personal use, and the one we recommend for athletes and anyone who loves the latest workout tech. 

Nicole’s Testimony “ I love using my Katalyst suit and tracking my performance over time, I wear an Oura ring and Apple Watch and I love how this fits right into my fitness routine. I use Katalyst a couple times a month to build my mind to muscle connection and tone my glutes and the Katalyst pushes me to make the most of my time in the suit. Each workout follows a guided trainer and increases the intensity for me during the workout. It’s the only suit that I can use at home and train as hard as I do when Studio EMS trainers come to me” 

Why we like it: 

  • App & Content: The app is gorgeous and the content programs are really easy to use. You feel like you’re getting the best quality on the market when you train with Katalyst
  • Quality & Support: The suit is well designed and the customer support is top notch and the website and branding is really informative and makes focuses on how EMS can really improve your performance in addition to the aesthetic benefits 
  • US based: katalyst is local and shopping with them comes with the least hurdles. Order today and get your suit asap. 

Why it might not be the best fit: 

  • Set Up: The suit is adjustable so it requires a full spray down and baselayer – a bit more work and harder to take on the go 
  • Subscription: The app requires a monthly subscription which makes it a bit more expensive over time

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