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Why we started an EMS company.


May 20, 2024

Anna & Nicole

Starting an EMS business was the last thing we expected to do, but like most good things, you don’t really see them coming.

During the pandemic, we both wanted to challenge ourselves to be more passionate, and realized we had very complementary skill sets for starting a business together.

We played with a few concepts and realized that we waited too long and everyone else was launching the sweatpants company Anna had been dreaming of. After a very disappointing robe sample came back – fate stepped in – and we found the perfect pivot.

We tried EMS for the first time.

Within a couple weeks we had 6+ friends lined up to do EMS at Anna’s house and everyone was feeling and seeing the results. 

With EMS the most simple move became the hardest plank we’d ever held, instead of 30+ leg lifts making us shake we were getting to the point of failure within seconds. You can literally feel the muscle working in your EMS suit and your mind to muscle connection has never been clearer. Not only does the muscle contract in a way you never really achieved before, the rest of your body is working out for the whole twenty minutes too.

The concept literally blew our minds and reset our expectations for a challenging workout. 

The results were pretty crazy too.

We didn’t have a ton of fat to lose, but EMS was somehow making us stronger and thinner at the same time. That’s probably the best thing about EMS – more than any other workout we’ve tried we actually lost weight and gained muscle at the same time. 

EMS also really quickly improved our strength for other classes. The plank holds in yoga felt easier than before we started planking in EMS. Other moves we tried in the suit became that much easier in our daily workouts too. 

Getting older had been making it noticeably much more difficult to recover from a week off .. or month lol –

Now with EMS it was suddenly so much easier to keep our baseline body in alignment with our goals. We can look good, feel strong and still fully enjoy our life.

Travel isn’t as stressful when you know there’s a tool you can use to bounce right back to the fitness level you were at a couple weeks before. Even a small change in our body’s look and performance can be a big difference in our confidence, health and energy levels in the rest of the day. 

Naturally, we wanted to buy our own suits.

We started doing more research on how EMS works, why the machines were so expensive, where it came from etc. We realized this was already a well known workout across Europe but only a few people in our LA network had ever tried it.

We called our friend Andrew and hired him as our first trainer, bought our first two suits and started training our friends and family. Within a couple months we were training 50+ clients around LA and within a year had expanded to New York and Miami. 

There’s definitely some awkward parts of EMS and a concierge service business isn’t always the easiest to run but it does feel like it was kind of meant to be. 

We love fitness, we love technology and might sound cheesy, but we really just love and appreciate all of our trainers and client communities.

Anna has been teaching fitness and promoting her favorite workouts online for a decade and Nicole has spent her whole career teaching brands and creators how to use new technologies. Nicole’s the tech expert, computer guru and Anna’s in charge of all things workout and client experience.

It’s been a journey to figure out how to bring what we’re doing locally to everyone else that reaches out.  We’re so excited to start selling personal EMS suits, doing virtual workouts and helping others learn more about EMS.

Thanks for trusting us – nothing makes us happier than seeing your results. All our clients absolutely crush it. 


Nicole & Anna

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