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5 best recovery spots in LA:

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May 21, 2024

Anna & Nicole

Want to take some time off from working out but still give your body a little treat, these are some of our favorite ways to counter working out. 

1. Open studio:

This studio in the heart of Venice is a game changer. It’s small, but so gorgeous and will immediately give you a sense of calm. They offer a range of classes from sound focused mediation and breath classes, to restorative yoga. So far our favorite class is Breathe+Sound with Manoj D. The entire class is laying down and based in breath, it’s hard to describe but you will leave feeling like the best version of you. They also have a cold plunge available to book in the locker room and a great app if you’re not in LA.

2. Pause Studio

Consider this your one stop shop for wellness. There are a few of these around LA and they have almost every form of tech recovery you could ask for. They offer sauna, flotation therapy, cold plunge, cryotherapy, compression therapy, vitamin IV’s, Full body LED therapy,  and compression boots. If you’re feeling sore, fatigued, anxious, swollen, etc. this is your new favorite place. 

3. Hot 8 yoga

While we love all classes at hot 8, we’re specially talking about their Yin class. Ever heard of the term Yin and Yang? In yoga the Yang is the movement side of yoga and Yin is the rest side of yoga. We’re coming here for the Yin. This is a heated stretch class where you’ll hold poses for a few minutes and get deep into the muscle tissue. You’ll leave this class feeling like you have yourself a full body massage.

4. Buddha Thai Massage

This place is not fancy at all whatsoever, but if you’re into deep tissue or Thai massage you will get one of the best, if not the best massage of your life. Get the Thai combination massage and just be prepared to breathe through it and know that it’s worth it. We love to book a Sunday evening massage, go deep into the muscle tissue,  and get immediately into bed. They don’t have a website but call to book, they usually have availability day of. 

(310) 207-0802

5. Next Health

This is another one stop shop but while they have red light beds, cryotherapy, and IV’s they take it a step further and focus on longevity through the  collection of data and advise on best treatments to optimize health. They offer full physical exams, biometric tracking, plasma exchange, ozone therapy, hormone tests, peptide therapy, and the list goes on. They offer a free online consultation to asses what you need. It’s not cheap but if you’re into biohacking it doesn’t get much better than this.

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