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May 21, 2024

Anna & Nicole

How EMS builds mind to muscle connection.

One of our favorite quotes to hear during a workout: “if you’re thinking about anything else besides the movement you’re doing, you’re probably not working hard enough”

At its core, this is the concept of a mind to muscle connection. 

For the most effective workout, you should be so focused on your body and your muscles that your mind doesn’t have time to think about other things. If your mind is wondering, it probably means you’re not focused on your body. So what’s the science behind a mind to muscle connection?

Research shows that thinking about the muscles you are working activates the muscle fibers more than if you did the same movements without focused attention. There are countless studies where two groups were told to do the exact same workouts, and without fail the ones in the group focused on a mind to body connection had better results with weight loss and muscle tone. Still not convinced? Let’s talk brain.

Neurotransmitters in their simplest form are how our brain is able to talk to our bodies. 

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates our muscles to move. The more focused mental attention you bring to the muscle that’s being contracted, the more acetylcholine that is produced, this leads to a much better quality of contraction, stronger muscles and more effective workouts. 

So, now that we’ve shown how a mind muscle connection is a necessary tool to take your fitness to the next level, how can EMS help with this connection? 

First you will  feel a new depth of contraction in hard to reach areas than you ever throught was possible. With EMS we control each muscle group individually, so we are can choose a specific focus muscle and get in touch with how different movements affect each part of your body. When you work with the suit your brain – your body and technology are working together to build a stronger connection.

EMS will bring you into the present moment and there is simply no way to ignore the sensation you are feeling in your body. When you feel the contractions all over your body, there is no way for your mind to wonder. 

You will immediately stop thinking about your to-do list, and start thinking about how hard your body is working for you. EMS causes involuntary contractions in the body so your brain will constantly be trying to catch up with the movements happening in your workout. 

 The best news? 

The mind muscle connection found through EMS will help elevate all of your workouts and get you more in tune with your body at all times. Over time you will develop muscle memory; meaning your abs will start to subconsciously suck in, your chest will be naturally prouder, and you’ll have the awareness within your body to know when to rest. 

At the end of the day, the more we know about our bodies, the better we can work together with them to optimize health and see the results we want. 

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