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Our LA class picks for EMS off-days

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May 21, 2024

Anna & Nicole

Anna’s Favorite Studios:

Hot 8 Yoga

This is my  #1 favorite and longest standing membership in LA. 

It’s the best sweat you can get and they have locations in almost every neighborhood. They offer a range of yoga styles and classes that are based in mindfulness but are very challenging and will always push you to your edge. It’s known for being really really hot but that’s why we love it. 

This is a great way to detox after EMS and get in some much needed stretch and anaerobic push to get your heart rate up. Three of your favorite EMS trainers also teach at Hot8 so you’ll see some familiar moves and faces. 

We recommend trying their Yin class for a more relaxed stretch, and their Power class for an intense and sweaty Vinyasa flow. We also love the Yoga Barre classes for a workout that’s meant for toning up your legs/glutes. 

Free parking at all of their locations!

The Class

This is not your average group fitness class so you have to be open to trying something new but it is totally worth it.

This is a really unique workout that is completely music driven and mixes cardio, strength training, and guided meditation. You will leave this class feeling clear headed, and completely present in your body. 

All of the trainers here are incredible, we love Jaycee’s class in Santa Monica. 

Free parking with validation

Heated Room

This is another heated workout that will leave you sweaty but it is more focused on sculpting and music. They offer full body classes, core focuses, and also have a non-heated room with 3 reformers for semi private pilates. 

This is a beautiful space so the perfect place for a great workout, a sweaty selfie, and then maybe a snack at Joans on Third. 

Metered parking on 3rd st so get there a little early.


This is a newer studio that is half stair master and half resistance training. Helloooo glutes! 

The studio and front desk staff are really inviting, and they will give you a full breakdown of everything you need to know for class so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the different stations. 

The stair master is a great form of low impact cardio and working with a focus on your glutes will not only give you a nice booty, but will help with knee and back pain over time. A great option for people who like Barry’s but want less running. 

Metered parking at both LA Locations (Santa Monica & 3rd St.)

Burn Collective

This is also a newer studio to LA but the founder Maria Chase is one of the strongest women we have met and will kick your ass! 

All of their classes are in rooms with LED/NIR Red Light and Infrared Heat so you’ll get all the benefits of a great sweat with the added benefit of red light therapy. 

They offer a HIIT style class and a more Pilates style class and both will have you seriously shaking. The instructors are trained to do the entire class with you so if you need any workout motivation, there you go!  

There is a small parking lot if you get there early or a bunch of metered parking. It’s also attached to Alfred Coffee and Joe & The Juice so it’s a great place to meet up with a friend and do a post workout catch up!

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