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Who is EMS for?

All Things EMS

May 21, 2024

Anna & Nicole

Electro muscular stimulation is truly for everyone.

EMS has helped anyone from professional athletes, people in wheelchairs, women recovering from childbirth, to people who just want to lose weight or gain muscle, and the list goes on! No matter what your goals are, or where you currently are on your fitness journey, we’re here to help.

EMS is a great workout for people who are new to fitness and trying to find a place to start.

The Studio EMS brings a personal trainer to you, so someone can encourage and speed up your fitness progress. EMS is a completely low impact workout so we will never have you do any crazy jumps, or lift any heavy weights. 

Since every muscle is activated individually, we can find a place where your body is challenged but you can still focus on form. EMS is the fastest way to build strength so it is a great starting point for people who may not feel ready for a group class or who prefer personal attention. 

EMS is also great for people who work out a lot and are looking to get that extra edge. 

EMS activates your body in a way that no other workout can so you will get stronger and feel sore regardless of how often you workout. Again, because we are able to control each muscle group individually we can specifically challenge the areas you want to work while guaranteeing a full body workout. 

EMS is also a perfect match for people who are prone to injury or are recovering from an injury.

Our EMS sessions are fully customized to your body so if you are recovering from an injury or working with an injury we can give you an amazing workout while keeping you safe. If you are recovering from an injury please just let us know when you book so we can show up with a modified routine. 

New moms love EMS for a bunch of reasons, but number one being that they don’t have to leave their new baby, or find a sitter to get a killer workout.  The ease of a trainer showing up to your home on your schedule, is one less thing for busy moms to think about. We’ve also received feedback that they are finally able to engage their pelvic floor in a way that they had not felt since before childbirth. EMS helps new moms regain strength in a comfortable environment, while allowing them to spend as much time as possible with their new loved ones. 

Finally, EMS is great for people who just don’t have enough time in the day. We get it and are here to keep you feeling strong without taking over your whole life. We started The Studio EMS because we were wasting so much time on working out so if you find yourself too busy to workout, you’re not too busy for a 20 minute at home EMS workout! 

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