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June 4, 2024

Anna & Nicole

Higher DOSE Sauna Blanket:

If you like sweating, this device will change your life.I have been putting myself in a sauna blanket since Shapehouse opened near me in 2015. For those of you who don’t know what Shapehouse it closed it 2022 but was a studio where they have a bunch of sauna blankets in different pods, someone gets you cozy in your blanket, you distract yourself with netflix for 50 minutes, and you recover in a public room with oranges. 

Before I knew I could have a sauna blanket at home I was hooked. 

I would go all the time before shoots to slim down, or when I was really cold and just wanted a place to relax while also depuffing. After the pandemic, leaving the house for some reason got less fun. As much as I could do from my home I wanted to do at home, including sweat. 

I did some research and discovered the higherDOSE blanket and since have bought it as a giftt for at least 6 of my closest people. 

You can use this in bed, you can lay it on the sofa, its’ not messy at alllll. I know it’s hard to believe, but you just wear cotton clothes and somehow it all absorbs into your clothes so you can white off the blanket and its just not messy at all, promise. 

You burn calories, reduce inflammation, you feel incredible afterwards, and you get all of the benefits of sweating while watching your favorite TV show at home. It doesn’t get much better. 

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket


PureLift Face:

I have tried sooo many different face devices and this is leaps and bounds beyond anything else I have tried. This is one of the few things in the entire world that I can guarantee will give you instant results. Truly, if you use this on one side of your face for a few minutes it will look different than the other side of your face.

EMS for the face helps with a few different concerns but the main one is sculpting and contouring. If you want cheekbones and jawlines this is your new best friend. 

If you have tried the NuFace and are wondering how this is different, just know, it’s completely different. If you have never tried any other facial sculpting tools congratulations on entering the market at the perfect time.

Purelift EMS Facial Device


High Frequency Wand:

These are so easy to use, and really affordable. This device  uses low-level electrical currents to oxygenate the skin. Great for reducing inflammation, shrinking pore size, helps with hyperpigmentation, increased circulation, and best of all, oxygen kills bacteria which means this is your acne treating best friend! Treatment in the office can cost between $150-$400 dollars per session so if you’re interested in High Frequency it makes so much sense to get one for your home. I found one for $32.99, it’s a no brainer.

Frequence Facial Multi Function Machine


LED lights:

I did my very first Red Light LED treatment using the CellumaPRO after an extraction facial and my mind was blown. I don’t want to false advertise and say there are crazy noticeable differences after one treatment but if you know your skin really well, there are. LED treatments can help with some many things but to get the best results, like most things, you really want to be consistent with it. That for me is why this is a product that pretty much only makes sense if you have one at home. Otherwise you woul have to be driving to your estaitican once a week and probably overpaying for your treatments. If I find a device that works, and I know I need multiple treatments I usually just do the math of getting my own and lot for the times it makes sense. I’ve tried a lot of different versions of LED lights and these are my favorites at different price points.

HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask:

  • You don’t have to plug this one in so you can walk around the house while you redlight
  • Only offers red light so it’s a great entry option if you’re new to LED therapy.

Higer Dose Face Mask


Celluma PRO:

If you love LED therapy and are looking to be able to do red light, blue light, and infrared

These are in a lot of high end spas, I bought this after my first LED facial when I saw it heal my extractions

This is easy and comfortable to use, can be used on multiple areas of the body. Example – Helps with period cramps because of the infrared and of course manages a variety of skin concerns.


Lightwave ReAct 1200 LED Device:

  • This is the macdaddy of LED
  • I have been using light therapy for a decade and just decided to get the one my esthetician has
  • It comes loaded with a bunch of different custom programs for acne, anti-aging, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, etc.
  • All of my friends come over and use this device, it’s so pricey, but it is the realllll deal! 
  • You can use this professionally in spas, etc.



While yes this is a workout device, I also consider it a beauty treatment. We’re not legally allowed to say this machine helps with cellulite but on my personal blog I can tell you this thing has helped me with cellulite. Not only does it immediately lift your glutes and tighten your core, but I notice when I’m using it regularly the backs of my legs are smoother. Full disclosure, I don’t have a ton of cellulite to start with, but it’s there, and I notice when it’s not there. After I do the preloaded Wegithless Progrom on the device, I turn on the cellulite massage for the backs of my legs and you can feel the machine shaking everything around. To be able to do this at home, get some work done, and not have to drive to a med spa, or get an overpriced lymphatic drainage massage, it’s the dream. Ignore the fact that I made a trial EMS logo and put it on the front of this one. 🙈

Visionbody Personal EMS Device

Use code: “the_studio_ems” for $100 off

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