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Healthy, go-to dinners that we make on repeat


June 4, 2024

Anna & Nicole

This started out as some of our favorite dinner recipes and actually just reminded us we love chicken. It’s healthy it’s high in protein, versatile and best when paired with your favorite sauce.

Cooking dinner a couple nights a week is easier said than done but it’s the easiest way to feel good and keep your life balanced during busy weeks. 

We’re not chefs and about 75% of the time we’re making chicken, but that’s still a win in our book. As we’ve gotten older, we realized that the same dish cooked at home is way healthier than eating it out because you control the salt, the oils, the sugars etc. Everything is going to be less inflammatory if you make it with love.  

For us healthy means it’s real whole foods – we try to buy organic – and it’s not covered in cheese, other fats or a total carb overload. We believe a balanced meal can be healthy and still have the textures and flavors you actually want to eat too. 

Think of these as recipes you can make in about 30-45 minutes – you can adjust them every time to make them a little different and you can feel good knowing you took care of yourself that day. 

Easy clean up for most of these too – because our kitchen’s have a tendency to end in total chaos, and that’s never fun for the boyfriend’s that get stuck cleaning it up.

Harissa Chicken, Chickpeas & Sweet Potato

Inspired by Half Baked Harvest

I tried this recipe once and have remade it with different things at least 10 times. Sheet pan dinners are a life hack. I subbed the sweet potato’s for Yukon Gold because I prefer them, and used a jar of harissa instead of the spices. Added a ton of garlic powder (I always go overboard for flavor) and made a Greek yogurt dipping sauce with a splash of the same Harissa. This is so good, you can add or subtract ingredients. This is a definite go- to, if you don’t know about Half Baked Harvest, she will change your cooking life.

Healthy Grain Bowls

Inspired by a Beautiful Mess

I always want “a bowl” for lunch or dinner. Basically just grains, protein, veggies, sauce, and maybe some crunchies if I’m feeling crazy. This is less of a recipe and more of a how-to-grain-bowl. Only thing I would add is that fresh herbs can be a really good addition to a bowl. Other than that you can’t mess this one up. Try green goddess dressing on top of a chicken-rice bowl, yum! 

Chicken Tinga Tacos

Inspired by Half Baked Harvest (but the lighter version)

These are such a crowd pleaser, and you can make them as spicy or mild as you want. I personally like to add extra  chipotles in adobo for some kick and always go overboard with the cilantro.  I’ll also make these without the cheese for the nights I want a healthier option – they taste the same and still get crispy!

Lemon Chicken Soup

Inspired by Brocc Your Body

This is so lemony comfort in a bowl. This is an easy, healthy soup that just feels so good. You can make it exactly as is or I like to add some extra lemon and a little kale to get some more greens in there. No matter how you go this soup is delicious! Also, Brock your Body is a great site for easy, affordable, and fun dishes.

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